Sunday, 30 October 2011

356 Challenge Day 243 - Imagine This: Starry Skies

So I haven't posted here in forever and a day. To be honest I hadn't done much in the way of crafts in nearly a year - real life sometimes is a bitch - but I decided to make my grandmothers 90th Birthday card in June and since then I've rediscovered my love of making cards.

Having been looking through various challenge blogs, I came across a new one that I just adore. 365 Cards, which has a new challenge every day and have been having some fun going back into their archives to find inspiration for some of my yule cards following a few old challenges, but then I saw the challenge for Saturday 29th October and I knew exactly what I'd want to do.

My 'honorary' nephew Ethan is 1 in a few weeks and the theme for the 365 Cards challenge was 'starry skies'. As a self confessed sci-fi/fantasy geek, who already got his brother (Kyle, who is 3) watching the important things (Doctor Who, Harry Potter, LotRs - we'll be starting on Stargate soon *g*) and fully intending to have Ethan doing the same thing in no time, a spaceman card is perfect the perfect place to start his education *g*

I got the papers free ages (reaaaaallly ages!) ago in a craft magazine. The image of the spaceman was printed from the computer - it's one I again had saved from ages ago, off some clip art site or another (I really must keep better track of these things!) and the stickers are from a Daisy and Dandelion sheet.